Meet The Motorola Edge+ and Motorola Edge

Motorola fans didn’t think the day would ever come. Motorola has been out of the flagship game for so long, most thought Motorola would continue to make bank in the mid-range smartphone market.

However, the wait is finally over. Today Motorola unveiled its new family of premium smartphones: motorola edge+ and motorola edge. These new devices mark Motorola’s “much-awaited return to the flagship space. Motorola’s newest smartphones are the fastest, loudest, and boldest on the market.”

The new Motorola flagship devices have been leaking all over the internet for a few months now, but with the curtains finally pulled back on them we can really dig into what this means for the former king of phone makers.

The New Motorola Edge+

Let’s look at the specs first!

SpecMotorola Edge +Motorol Edge
Screen 6.7″, Endless Edge, HDR10, 90Hz6.7″, Endless Edge, HDR10, 90Hz
ProcessorSnapdragon™ 865Snapdragon™ 765
Camera (rear)108 MP main sensor + 8 MP telephoto lens + 16 MP ultra-wide angle lens with built-in Macro Vision64MP main lens + 16MP ultra-wide lens with Macro Vision + 8 MP telephoto lens
Camera (front)25 MP front-facing25 MP front-facing
Battery5,000 mAh4,500 mAh
ColoursSmoky Sangria, Thunder GreyMidnight Magenta, Solar Black

There are other specs I could call out, for example, the Edge+ will have 5G, a headphone jack and wireless charging but lacks an official IP rating for dust and water protection. But I think the table covers the ones most people are concerned with. The waterfall edge screen, hence the Edge name, is already proving to be a polarizing decision made by Motorola. Flagships launched in late 2019 and early 2020 elected to drop the curved edge displays in favour of a flat panel. Motorola going with this deep curved edge may push some buyers away.

Edge+ in Smoky Sangria

My thoughts… The camera will make or break these devices

If you have scrolled through and read anything on GadgetSyrup, it is pretty obvious. I am a Motorola fan and have a great relationship with them. However, despite my affinity for their devices, their software and the company in general I am always left wanting more. Specifically in the camera department. The triple sensor package found on the Edge + looks great on paper and in the samples Motorola provided below, but I will have to wait patiently to test this camera out to know if Motorola has a winner in its hands this time. The last true flagship they released was the Moto Z2 and it fell flat in the camera department.

These image samples are only from the Edge+.

Pricing and Availability

The Edge + will retails for $999.99 USD. Below you can see when and where in the world the Edge + will be available for purchase.

  • Beginning in May, motorola edge+ will be available in various countries across Europe, in UAE at Etisalat and du and in KSA at stc. In the coming months, motorola edge+ will begin to roll out in India and select Latin American markets.
  • United States: In the U.S., the new edge+ will be available exclusively on Verizon, starting May 14 for $41.66 a month for 24 months on Verizon Device Payment (0% APR; $999.99 retail).
  • Promotions: 
    • Customers who get a new line of service on select Unlimited plans can save up to $550 on a new Motorola edge+ with an applicable trade-in.
    • Additionally, customers who switch from another carrier to a select Verizon Unlimited plan get a $150 Verizon e-gift card for a total savings of up to $700. Plus get a Verizon Stream TV, an Amazon Echo Dot and smart plug on us.
    • Current Verizon customers on select Unlimited plans can save up to $250 on a new Motorola edge+ with an applicable trade-in when you upgrade.
  • Canada: In Canada, the new edge+ will be available at Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Freedom Mobile. For more information, visit

The standard Edge will retails for €699, and available in Italy first. Below shows further availability. Canadian availability is unknown at this time.

  • Motorola edge will be available in Italy beginning in May ( MSRP: €699 ) and launched  to various European countries in the following weeks. In the coming months, motorola edge will begin to roll out across select markets in Latin America and Asia Pacific.
  • In the U.S., the new edge will be available later this year. More information to come this summer.

I am waiting to hear from Motorola on review unit availability, but as soon as I have one in hand I will be sure to share my impressions as I put it through a full review.

21 thoughts on “Meet The Motorola Edge+ and Motorola Edge

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  1. Hi
    I think had sent a message not to long ago, but didn’t appear. I would like to say that I’m a fan of Motorola for a long time. I was using the phone Motorola One Action for the Moto One Series. I upgraded to the Moto One Ace 5g. Got say this phone is better then the One Action. I recently saw the cost of the Motorola Edge 2022 on the website. This is unacceptable. The cost of phone is $899.00. It makes me sad this happening. I got a think about what might be my next phone. I use to be a Samsung user before I switched to Motorola. I was using Samsung Galaxy A5 at the time. I might go back to Samsung or Try Apple for the iPhone series. I don’t like Google so that’s out. If Motorola doesn’t drop their cost switch to the brands is an option.


  2. Mixed Bag City Arizona!
    You want the Mutiple 5G. But neither phones have places to operate with that.
    You want a phone with BOTH the 3.5 ear jack and Media Tray, because we don’t want our stuff on the cloud. One phone has the tray (later this summer maybe fall) and NOT the more robust 5G operating system. SAD. Because it has less of a tear jerking price. The Edge gives you the tray and both the Jack. But jerk one around with one has this the other has the other and darn it all with the mp of cameras and all that Filthy Lucre outlay for a suspect “system” that can’t signal beyond a visible 1/2 mile, or maybe even 500′. It’s UNCONSCIONABLE! And there’s no other phone coming close. Seems as if one needs to wait 2 more years before getting rid of their cracked gorilla display Samsung S8 before anything actually DOING SOMETHING WORTHWHILE is actually AVAILABLE!!!


  3. TCL 10 series isn’t getting good reviews. The company just launched and it’s getting mixed reviews. I’m not investing in the brand I feel like their isn’t anything special about the design of the phone. It looks like a Samsung Galaxy S10 just with an extra camera. Change my mind.


    1. I was wrong about TCL 10 series. I meant to correct myself on the comment above. I’m actually not able to delete it ( Lol). The series has good phones and the specs are really good. I didn’t like the design which I had wanted to say. Please ignore above comment.

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I’m wondering why Motorola didn’t place the 45 Watt Hyper charger in the box. I made a comment about buying it the last comment. I’m seeing that your only getting 15 watt charger. I feel that this is unfair because some people have bought the phone outright and have to pay extra for the Hyper Charger. I didn’t do my research on the phone more. In South America the Hyper Charger is the box from what I understand. In Europe they get 18 or 27 watts. This is based on information online from other sources. The Motorola One Series is just getting better. I’m waiting to see what the One Fusion specs are going to be. Like I said I’m aiming to get the One Hyper next year or I’m waiting on the next Motorola One Series phone. I’m keeping an eye on TCL cause the 10 series shaping up to good as well. It’s going to be an interesting competition in the mid range division.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Why is the Motorola One Hyper so costly? I love the phone,but the price is expensive on there Motorola website and on Amazon. Hope price drops.


  5. The 45 watt Hyper Charger is worth buying. I would clearly by it. Motorola is smart for putting out a phone like this. The Pop up selfie camera is another thing that I like as well. The main camera is looking good too. I like that it’s using Laser Auto Focus Technology.


  6. I’m waiting awhile to purchase it, I’m currently loving my One Action. Upgrading a phone now is too soon. The One Hyper is going to be my next phone or wait for the next phone in the Motorola One Series. I shouldn’t of waited for it because that was the phone I wanted. I’m satisfied with what I have at the moment.


  7. Motorola Edge series I do believe will sell a lot of units. I’m not a fan of Samsung anymore, the last phone I had was Galaxy A5 and that was an good phone. I got tired of their brand and switched over too Motorola. I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see this series knock out Samsung’s flagship in sales. Motorola One series is better than Samsung’s A series. TCL is another smartphone I’m interested in as well.


    1. At the price point I think Motorola will struggle much like Google and LG to sell the volume needed to complete. However, LG is waning and Google could pivot to be more mid-range which opens a for for Motorola.

      Also, did you see the Hyper is now available in Canada?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Correction on my wording. I wanted to say ” should’ve of wanted” instead of shouldn’t.


  8. I was wondering what your thoughts on TCL launching their own brand of smartphones called the 10 series. I was reading online they’ll be midrange phones which is my preference then high-end phones. I’m liking the specs for those phones too. That’s an option I’m looking into as well.


    1. I’m all for more manufacturers as competition drives innovation and price, especially in the mid-range. However, the phone so far looks a lot like a Galaxy S9, which I wasn’t a fan of design wise. But, with that said, if it performs well and is a good price, it should be a worthy buy.


      1. Motorola is shaping up too be good for 2021. I saw the TCL 20 5g variant renders. I’m actually liking the design, I didn’t like the 10 series at all, so I’m seeing some improvements based on the renders. Their probably going to make other models like a Pro or Plus variant. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Moto One Fusion Plus to come to Canada. TCL or Motorola hard to choose. One or the other. Take Care

        Liked by 2 people

  9. I’m liking the Motorola Edge ( standard model). The specs are upper mid range so it’s a possibility that this could be an option.


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