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After years of toying with the idea of starting my own site I finally decided in 2016 to quit procrastinating and dive into the world of running a blog.

After setting up the site, changing the name a dozen or so time, I finally landed on GadgetSyrup. I felt there was little to be gained by just being another tech site that churns out the news of the day. There needed to be a little more on top to make it worth the time invested for both myself and for anyone who would visit the site. I decided that I wanted the focus of reviews for products and services to have a heavy focus on how my actual day-to-day life was impacted while I was using them. Yes, there are articles you will read that are run of the mill type news or press posts, but that’s part of the game.

When you read a review on GadgetSyrup you will find that I always add in what it actually did for me. Not just a regurgitation of its specs and how the battery preformed during a video playback loop. Sure, that stuff matters, but you can get that information hundreds of other places.

I also draw inspiration from people like Michael Fisher (Mr. Mobile), Daniel Rubino and Daniel Bader. These three have been delivering amazing content for years.

That’s enough of the back story, thanks for stopping by and visiting GadgetSyrup. While you’re here, check out the content or shoot me an email to say hello!


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